12/31 | Cricut Christmas Tree Top To Bottom – Part 2

Hooray! Here is the post you all have been waiting for. The second and final part of our DIY Cricut Christmas Tree Top To Bottom projects. In the last post, we shared how to make 3D Paper Lanterns, DIY Holiday Garland, and 3D Paper Bows. They were all super fun Cricut Make It Now Projects, so this time we wanted to get a little more crafty. You’re going to love these projects.

We can’t wait to share these fun tutorials with you all. We’re so proud of how our tree turned out and all of the fun projects and elements that made it perfect. Enjoy the last three projects that will perfect your Christmas tree.

DIY Cricut Iron-On Wood Slice Ornaments

 love making wood slice ornaments. They always end up looking amazing. We decided to use our EasyPress and Iron-On to give these ornaments a professional look. I promise they aren’t hard to make, we even made several at one time with our 9×9 Cricut EasyPress 2.



  1. Measure your wood slices. Size and cut your chosen designs or quotes.
  2. Drill a hole in the top of your wood slices.
  3. Once you’ve weeded your designs, preheat your EasyPress.
  4. lay your weeded designs onto your wood slices and heat according to the directions from the Cricut EasyPress Interactive Quick Reference Guide. You can heat multiple ornaments at once thanks to the 9×9 EasyPress.
  5. Once they’ve adhered peel off the transfer tape, add the ribbon to the hole you drilled.

Cricut 3D Paper Trees

I love these paper trees. They are a Cricut Make It Now Project, but we put a little spin on it and really made it our own. We made these trees in several sizes and they all turned out so cute. We stuck with simple white trees but you could go crazy with your color and pattern of cardstock. You’re going to love the spin we put on this project.



  1. Follow the directions on the Cricut Make It Now Project tutorial.
  2. Once you’ve assembled your trees with your ATG gun, it’s time to get a little more crafty.
  3. Get your hot glue gun nice and hot and quickly make a big pile of glue in the middle of a wood slice. Before the glue dries, place your paper tree in the middle and then pour faux snow onto the rest of the glue.
  4. Once dry it will look like a rustic snowy forest scene. Just beautiful.

DIY Cricut Rae Dunn Ornaments

The Rae Dunn font has really taken off this year and we wanted to show you all a great Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas craft you will love. These simple ornaments were a cinch to make and turned out beautifully. If you’re looking for a beginner Vinyl project, this is the one for you. It was so easy to transfer the vinyl onto the ornament!



  1. Measure your ornaments and size them in Cricut Design Space.
  2. Let the Cricut do the work and once complete, these are so easy to weed!
  3. Add your transfer tape and see how easily the vinyl adheres to the ornaments.
  4. Once all your ornaments are done, make little bows from your red ribbon and attach it to the top of your ornament with hot glue.

Well, how do you think they turned out? After we added all of our amazing ornaments and lanterns, all our tree needed was a few extra touches. This year we really enjoyed using a basket as an alternative to the traditional tree skirt. Along with our oversized wicker top hat as our perfectly Plaid tree topper. The paper trees and adorable DIY garland all tie the room together beautifully. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make your very own Cricut Christmas Tree Top To Bottom.

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