12/31 | Cricut Christmas Tree Top To Bottom – Part 1

Oh boy, do we have a treat for all of you. We are partnering with Cricut to share a DIY Cricut Christmas Tree Top To Bottom. Because we wanted to get so crafty for you, we decided to divide all of these projects into two separate posts. Today we’re going to show you how to make three Cricut Make It Now Projects perfect to start off your Christmas tree. They’re all so simple and easy to follow. Be sure to stick around to see our second post with three more amazing Cricut Christmas projects for your tree. Now let’s get crafty.

DIY Cricut 3D Paper Lanterns

This is a super fun Cricut Make It Now Project, and with a little time and effort it will turn out beautiful. We knew we needed some larger pieces on the tree, and we love the way the lanterns look arranged in the tree with little tea light candles inside.



  1. Follow the detailed directions through the Cricut Make It Now project.
  2. Once everything is scored and cut use your bone folder to fold all of the scored lines.
  3. Follow the directions and adhere everything together with your ATG gun.
  4. Once your lantern is assembled add a tea light candle and add it to your tree.

3D Cricut Paper Bows

These adorable bows are yet another Cricut Make It Now project that we had to feature. We love the simplicity of these bows being made with only one piece of cardstock. They add such a fun touch to any gift. You’ll be able to make tons of these 3D bows at once and you will love every minute of it.



  1. Follow the super simple instructions for this Cricut Make It Now project.
  2. Once your bow has been cut, grab your glue gun.
  3. Fold the pieces according to the project instructions and adhere with your hot glue.
  4. Once everything is dry, you can use some double sided tape or a glue dot to place the bows on your gifts.

DIY Holiday Garland With Your Cricut

love decorating my mantle for Christmas. Last year I just hung some garland, so boring. This year the team got creative and decided this Cricut Make It Now garland that looks SO good. The project practically makes itself. All you have to do is glue the layers together and string it up!



  1. Cut out all of the layers in your desired colors and patterns from the Cricut Make It Now Project.
  2. Use your tacky glue to adhere all of the layers together according to the directions.
  3. Once everything is dry, string them up one by one onto your red ribbon and hang it up on your mantle.

What did you think about all of these projects? In case you haven’t noticed, our theme for this Christmas is buffalo plaid and we are in love. We have buffalo plaid thrown all around the house, and it all looks amazing. I loved making these three Christmas tree craft ideas that really complimented the theme. We’ve got three more DIY Cricut projects for you to finish off your perfect top to bottom Christmas tree, stay tuned for the final post!

2 thoughts on “Cricut Christmas Tree Top To Bottom – Part 1”

  1. I loved making the lantern…but…I must be dumb because after it’s assembled, I’d like to know how to add the tea light?

    1. There’s never a dumb question Cathy! All we did was drop it in the bottom. Simple as that! 🙂

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