8/31 | 15 Crafts for Boys

Hey Everyone! Today’s roundup is for all you moms of boys out there. So many crafts are geared towards girls but in reality, boys enjoy arts and crafts just as much. After all their running around and playing sports with friends it is nice to come in and unwind with a little crafting! Here are 15 crafts for your boys that they are sure to love. There are ideas in here that help you recycle, craft ideas for things you already have around your home, and even things that your boys can do completely by themselves. These are super fun crafts for kids that every parent will approve.


[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”O1rUF8mh” upload-date=”2018-04-29T01:23:30.000Z” name=”Racetrack Letter Wall Art” description=”It can be to find crafts to do with your little boys which is why I am sharing this DIY Racetrack Letter Wall Art. They will love using some of the cars they don’t play with often, to make this DIY racetrack letter wall art with you! “]

Check Out These Great Gift Ideas For The Boys In Your Life!

1. No Sew Superhero Cape

2. Tissue Box Monster 

3. Drive In Movie Cars 

4. Angry Birds Bowling 

5. DIY Fart Noise Maker 

6. Foot Print Trucks  

7. Sandpaper Shirts 

8. Soapy Dough Recipe

9. Lego Letter Wall Hanging 

10. Wine Cork Super Heros 

11. Egg Carton Mini Copters 

12. DIY Rolling Train Table 

13. Self Propelled Tug Boat 

14. Flet Super Hero Masks 

15. Pool Noodle Light Sabers 

I hope you enjoyed these great DIY toy and decor ideas for your boys. These would be great to do on a lazy afternoon or as fun party projects. Some of these ideas use recycled material you may otherwise throw out, so not only are you helping your boys have fun but you’re also helping to save the planet! I hope you got inspired to get creative and have fun making fun things with your boys.


9 thoughts on “15 Crafts for Boys”

    1. Hey Susan, a lot of crafts on our site can be kind of girly. WE created this round up of crafts that may appeal to younger boys because it is important for them to be creative too. That is not to say that girls cannot create these ideas as well.

  1. I agree with Susan. All crafts and activities of any kind are suitable for any child, regardless of gender.

  2. Thanks for your post! I have 2 daughters and a new baby boy and I’m getting excited about “boy” things. I don’t exactly disagree with the other comments; my girls enjoy playing with dinosaurs and trucks from time to time (one more than the other) and I try to have a good variety of options for them. However, after tending dozens of children in my home, caring for many nieces and nephews, and working at a day-care for a little while, I can’t deny (although I tried to at first) that boys and girls play differently and tend to have different preferences in play. It’s nice to see some crafts that are geared a little more toward their typical preferences!

    1. It is what u do it to be. Like, if u are struck it old shit like boys are like this and like that, and the same with girls, Yes, then they become to be like that, even if u don’t even notice that u make it. My daughter is tough and robust because we didn’t coddle with her when she stumble/fall etc, and she like both ruogh sports and dolls/barbies but not that much. And when I was little I played with dolls with my neighbor who was a boy, and no, not “mum, dad, kids”.

  3. These are wonderful!! Thank you for this list!! I have a five year old boy who I have been trying to find more creative things to do with on the weekends/after school and these are some GREAT ideas!!!

  4. Thank you so much for these ideas! We are planning to try the fart noise make in a Happy Birthday card to the Best Farter (I mean Father) EVER ?

  5. Thank you for a great list geared towards boys, I’m laughing at the fart noise maker–can’t wait to try it out with my boys. Let’s stop tearing other moms down and being hateful simply because they have a different viewpoint. Our kids are watching and learning from our example.

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