3/31 | 24 Easter Kid Crafts

Today I’m sharing with you 24 Easter Kid Crafts to get you in the crafty mood with the little ones! I love sharing awesome ideas that you can use to spend quality time with your kids. It’s so much fun crafting with kids, specially during holidays. All 24 of these ideas will be great for your family. Be sure to look at all of these, because #24 is SUPER cool and possibly my favorite! I hope you enjoy 🙂

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1.Easter Checkers 


2. Easter Bunny Snowglobes 


3. Salt Dough Robin Eggs

4. Braided Yarn Easter Eggs


5. Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbits 

6. Tissue Paper Baby Chicks 

7. Kid Art Ideas 

8. Recycled Easter Bunny 

9. DIY Burlap Bunny Bag 

10. Easter Place Holder 

11. Egg Peeps 


12. Footprint Carrot 

13. Handprint Chick 

14. Painted Plastic Eggs

15. Mustache Easter Eggs 

16. Painted Easter Baskets 

17. Painted Sugar Cookies 


18. Chocolate covered Peeps 

19. Plastic Bottle Easter Basket 

20. Plastic Egg Cupcakes 

21. DIY Nail Polish Easter Eggs 

22. Pom-Pom Bunnies 

23.Wash Cloth Bunnies 


24. Yarn Eggs 

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