3/31 | DIY Chevron Tray

Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday! Today I have a DIY project to share with you all! This chevron tray is a trendy and inexpensive way to decorate you home or serve treats on!

What suplies will you need?








  • A wooden tray (I got mine at Michael’s with a 50% off coupon for a total of $2.50)
  • black paint
  • foam brush
  • mod Podge
  • glitter
  • chevron strips (cut from my silhouette)


What will you need to do?

First:        Paint your tray black.

Second:   Place your chevron strips spacing to your wishes and adhere.


Third:       Paint Mod Podge around the rim and carefully pour glitter when wet.

Forth:       Generously coat entire tray with Mod Podge.


Thats it! When it dries you will have a fabulous new tray and I am sure everone will be asking where you got it!

Now Let’s Get Crafty,


4 thoughts on “DIY Chevron Tray”

  1. Neat idea on the tray. I was wondering if this would work on a plastic tray. I have one that needs help. Colors are fading and it does have to be washed off periodically as coffee gets drips on it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Carol! I do believe this would work well on a plastic tray, but you would definitely need to use a paint or spray paint made especially for plastic surfaces! Hope that helps and would love to see what you come up with if you do try it!

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