DIY Revamped Tapestry Dresser

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Hey guys, what’s going on?! I have a pretty awesome project to show you all. I’ve recently been looking for some cool ways to update my room and one thing I really wanted to do was flip an old thrifted dresser and give it new life and a whole new vibe! I found the perfect dresser last week, and I thought I would share with you all exactly how we pulled off this DIY Revamped Tapestry Dresser! It’s so much easier than you think and it turned out so well, no one believes the before pictures! Check out how we made it down below!

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Supplies : | Sander | Mini Roller | Paintbrush | Tapestry | White Chalky Finish Paint | Satin Decou-Page | Scissors |Thrifted Dresser | Drill |

Steps :

Step 1- Take out the drawers and start sanding the dresser until you’re satisfied, then paint the entire thing with your white paint, and allow to dry.

Step 2- Apply a thick coat of Decou-Page to the drawers then once you’ve cut your tapestry pieces, lay them on your drawers and smooth them out.

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Step 3- Once dry, apply another coat of Decou-Page and let dry before placing the drawers back in the dresser.

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Hey guys, I'm Rachel Hensley. I have always loved crafting, and as I grew up I fell in love with DIY. I love making fun and unique projects, and I hope to encourage and inspire people with the work that I do.

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