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If you’re anything like me, you’re always capturing new photos of your friends and family and sharing them on Instagram or another social media platform. If you’re looking for a new room decor idea, you’re going to love how we used Removable White Matte label sheets from You will love how easy it is to create this adorable and super custom DIY Heart Instagram Collage room decorating idea. Let’s get started!
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Supplies: Scissors | Removable White Matte label sheets from | 4 x 4 Photos
Tan_Edit_BCB_6268_April 26, 2017
Step 1: Print out 27 Instagram photos and each photo needs to be 4 inches by 4 inches.
Tan_Edit_BCB_6271_April 26, 2017
Step 2: Cut your photos out with your scissors.
Tan_Edit_BCB_6281_April 26, 2017
Step 3: Once they’re cut out and ready to go, start in the middle row and evenly stack five photos. Simply repeat this same pattern on the other rows. If you need to reposition your photos, no worries, as this won’t damage your walls and is super easy to reposition!
Tan_Edit_BCB_6294_April 26, 2017
Do you not love how this turned out? It is honestly as easy as it seems. You wouldn’t believe how simple it is to use Removable White Matte label sheets from If you’re looking for more inspiration that we’ve created with Online Labels, be sure to check out our awesome promposal idea. Be sure to leave us a comment and tell me what you would create! 


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