How to Sew a Zippered Makeup Bag

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Hey Everyone! Today we have another fun and easy sewing tutorial for you! I am going to show you exactly how to sew a zippered makeup bag. It is a boxy pouch that is perfect for storing all your makeup when you travel. It is a great sewing project if you are a beginner sewer or want to learn to sew. It also makes an awesome gift for someone you love. Be sure to check out how to sew a zipper first. Then, watch the video below for the full tutorial!
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I absolutely love how this sewing project turned out! I have made them in lots of patters to give to friends as gifts because they make a great gift and they are so addictive! I am always thinking of fabric and zipper combos to make them in! I think the boxy structure really adds a great touch! Having a makeup bag that stands up is almost life changing!

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