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You guys probably know by now that we like to keep things as simple as possible, right? The easier the better! Well, recently I have been obsessed with the watercolor trend that has been taking over Pinterest and Instagram. I wanted to make some DIY watercolor quote canvases for my room but I was not about to learn watercolor techniques and calligraphy for this one project. Instead I came up with this 3 step technique, if you even wanna call it that, and I think that you are going to love it!
You will need: DecoArt Media Misters in various blue and purple tones | freezer paper | canvas panels | white sticker letters
Step One: Lay out a big piece of freezer paper with the shiny side facing up. Randomly spray the DecoArt Media Misters onto the freezer paper. The freezer paper will not absorb any of the spray and it will just sit on top creating a beautiful design. You can mix the colors together, do a stripe like pattern, have huge puddles. It is all up to you! Make a bunch to figure out what you like best!
Step Two: Place your canvas panel down into the mess. Press it down to make sure it received even pressure and coverage. Pick it up in one solid motion to avoid any unwanted spreading.
Step Three: Once your masterpiece has dried, Use white letter stickers to add a fun quote on the biggest colored area. I chose “good vibes” and “It’s Okay” for my canvases!
I was able to make both of these canvases in 1 hour! Talk about some quick and easy DIY teen room decor! The inspirational quotes also serve a a great source of motivation during studying! What do you think? I would love to see your take and what colors you choose to use  if you give it a try!
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