Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

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I love Christmas, and crafting! My little cousins enjoy the holidays just as much as the adults do, if not more, so we always have to have crafts for them to make to help keep them entertained. Any DIY popsicle stick crafts are easy and fun for kids and I found this one for them to make their own Popsicle Stick Christmas trees! They can paint them any color, add tree stems, and decorate with tons of materials! They can add garland, pom poms, bells, paper stars, macaroni, ribbon, the possibilities mixed with their imaginations are completely endless! keep the kiddos entertained this holiday season with this fun craft!

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Rachel Hensley

Hey guys, I'm Rachel Hensley. I have always loved crafting, and as I grew up I fell in love with DIY. I love making fun and unique projects, and I hope to encourage and inspire people with the work that I do.

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