15 Fruit Inspired DIY Projects

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15_Fruit_Inspired_DIY Projects
So who has seen the huge trend floating around- the FRUIT TREND! I think it is such a cute trend. Are you a fan? The trend has inspired many fruit crafts which I love. They speak to my heart and make my insides happy! Without further ado, what do you all at home think of these 15 Fruit Inspired DIY Projects??
1. DIY Citrus Wedge Purse Citrus-Coin-Purse-48-of-610604
2. DIY Watermelon Doily Garland
3. DIY Outdoor Fruit Rug 
4. DIY Puffy Paint Watermelon 
5. DIY Dip-Dyed Watermelon Sneakers bfb640266a6c3ec0ed6c77bd691f3126
6. DIY Recycled Bottle Apple Containers 326051c63be722139ef693e912e5f3dd
7. DIY Pearler Bead Fruit Drink Covers a1ce6c58b58bb8121e78747fb012a57b
8. Fingerprint Pineapple
9. DIY Pineapple Piñata ab874ea0f70656fd26ca3a69f42d6077
10. DIY Fruit Party Hats 
11. DIY Geometric Pineapple Wall Art 25e6a5bf8115e0faea507eaac23623c6
12. DIY Pineapple Lamp 
13. DIY Citrus Stamped Tea Towels
14. DIY Fruit Wedges 

15. DIY Watermelon Bowl 

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved expressing my creativity. I love creating DIY projects, such as decor for my room and handmade jewelry. I am a freshman at Elon University and love spending time with my family and friends when I’m not crafting or blogging.

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