14 Christmas DIY Decor Ideas

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DIY is probably my best kept secret to decorating my home so much during different holidays. Christmas is NO different. I love DIY Home Decor and specially Christmas DIY Decor ideas. In today’s post, I’m sharing with you 14 awesome DIY Christmas Decor projects that you can do this weekend. (Or if you’re like me, tonight, haha!) Enjoy these projects and if you do be sure to share it with us on Social Media.

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1. DIY Sharpie Pillows 


2. DiY Christmas Tree Centerpiece 


3. Christmas Tree Sharpie Dot Mug

4. Plastic Cup Snow man, AWESOME DIY! 



5. Simple Globe Wreath 



6. Christmas Tree Form 



7. Waterless Snow Globes



8. Holiday Snowman Refrigerator 



9. No Sew Holiday Pillows


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10. Christmas Card Holder



11. Create canvas room decor 

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12. Tissue Paper Pom Poms 
13. Wine bottle up cycle DIY 

14. Duct Tape Holiday Decor 


I hope you all enjoyed these great DIY Christmas project ideas, perfect for holiday crafts. These ideas are great family crafts and kids project ideas. Enjoy making them with your friends and family, as many of these project ideas make great DIY Christmas gifts. If you liked them leave us a comment down below and tell us your favorite DIY.


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