20 Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideas

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Hey everyone! Last week the amazing Courtney shared 25 Teenage Girl Room Decor ideas. Have you saw it? I recommend it to anyone that is decorating a girls room. This week I decided to share 20 Teenage Boy Decor ideas. There is some awesome ideas this week. A Lot of the ideas was based around sports. But, I did find some that any guy wouldn’t mind in their rooms! Let’t get started.

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1. Boys Bedroom reveal 


2. DIY branch Hook 



3. DIY Soldier Book end 



4. Chicken Wire Light Fixture 



5. Old T-Shirt Headboard (#13)! 



6. DIY Deer Cameo 



7. Fun and simple headboard 



8. Magnetic Rocks



9. ” on the road again” Lamp Redo 



10. Paper Airplane Canvas



11. DIY Climbing wall 





12. Football Lampshade



13. DIY Baseball Book Ends

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14. SkateBoard Shelves 



15. Leather and wood suspended shelf 



16. PBK inspired Rope Mirror 



17. Wrench hangers 



18. Wild West Bed idea



19. Stuffed shirts 



20. Perfect Teens room reveal 


Thanks for checking these out! Did you know were on Facebook? Come “Like Us’ HERE! You can also subscribe via email right below! Have a great day. These ideas are perfect for any teen boy looking to spruce up his room! Easy room decor ideas are honestly hard to come by sometimes, so this list is perfect and convenient for all you teen boys out there!

Hey! I am Tanner Bell. I am 17 years old, and have been producing crafting videos since March of 2010. I'm a Spokesperson for DecoArt and love be able to share fun DIYs with their products. I have so much fun inspiring millennial's to create and hope you enjoy our site.

13 Comments to 20 Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideas

  1. jen camp

    wow tanner, amazing work!! I would have never have guessed you were 14!! I smiled while reading your bio…just wonderful. I have a 14 year old daughter, I can only imagen how proud your mother is of you!! I wish you the best of luck in your future. I am sure you will go far.
    best of luck to you,
    jen camp

  2. Wow! I love all of these! I’m trying to find ideas to decorate my son’s room who is turning 14 next month. I want to surprise him with a sports themed room! He is so into sports especially football and I love the football lamp idea 🙂 I found this scoreboard at the boys depot and I was going to get it and personalize it with his name and favourite team etc http://www.theboysdepot.com/football-scoreboard-peel-and-stick.html I like the wooden scoreboard as well… do you know where that is from? I was thinking I could make bookends like the baseball ones but with small / baby footballs attached. Great post… great ideas!

  3. heather

    Very creative! I was surprised you did all of this yourself.
    Thanks for the inspiration

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