25 Teenage Girl Room Decor Ideas

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Hey Everyone! Today on the blog I thought I would share with you some really fun ways to decorate your room! Your bedroom is a place that should resemble you and that makes you happy! What better way to achieve that then DIYing it?! It ads a handmade touch and maybe even a conversation piece! These are some more girly ideas, but boys you can definitely change them up a little and make them work in your room too OR stop by next Monday and check out our Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideas!


BONUS : Check out our fun DIY room decor VIDEO with lots of inspiration –

1. String Art @ Honey and Fitz


2. Honeycomb Wall @ Vintage Revivals 


3. Magnetic Make-Up Board @ Laura Thoughts 


4. Fabric Decoupage Dresser @ The Berry 


5. Paper Heart Wall Art @ Honey Bee Vintage 


 6. Spray Painted Old Lamp Bases @ Mod Podge Rocks 


7. Chalkboard Paint File Cabinet @ Mod & Fodder

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8. Textured Walls with Yarn around a Paint Roller


9. Trash Can Night Stand @ Home Styling 


10. LOVE Book Ends


 11. Fabric Chandelier @ Inspired By Lovely 


 12. Over Sized Floor Pillows @ Oven Lovin’


13. Lighted Mirror Garland


14. Poster Board+Spray=Paint Wall Art @ Two Thirty-Five Designs 


15. Glitter Vases @ The Sweetest Occasion 


16. Chevron Monogram Canvases


17. Cupcake Liner Pendant Light @ Ikea Hackers 


18. Hexagon Wall Treatment @ My Sister’s Suitcase 


19. Push Pin Art @ Metal and Mud 


20. Pottery barn Teen Inspired Duvet & Sham @ House of Hepworths 


21. Glass Marble Table Top @ Dollar Store Crafts 


22. $8 Ruffle Curtains @ a boy and a girl and a pug 


 23. Cover Light Switch Plates and Outlet Covers with Pattern Paper


24. Flower Tie Die Pillow @ ilovetocreate 


25. DIY Ombre Walls @ Just Like The Number


How fun are they!? A lot of these ideas are super easy, but will still give you a really awesome look and some of them are a little harder and may need some assistance! If you spend nearly as much time in your room as I do in mine, they will all be well worth it! I hope you have enjoyed these Teenage Girl Room Decor Ideas and if you attempt any of them, please share them with us!! Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook and Subscribe via email.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved expressing my creativity. I love creating DIY projects, such as decor for my room and handmade jewelry. I am a freshman at Elon University and love spending time with my family and friends when I’m not crafting or blogging.

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  1. Hi Courtney! Wow, what a great site you have here! So many awesome ideas in one place. My daughter started college this year, and when she gets a chance to come home we are going to the tie-dyed pillows for her dorm room. Thanks so much for the great ideas and keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Omg ! I really liked your decoration photos and decoration ideas ! These photos are amazing. If you let me plz, I want to add my blog Decoratingo. I will add photos if you let me to there -> http://www.decoratingo.com/wall-designs-for-teenage-bedrooms/and i will write a note below the photos like that. The photos was taken by alittlecraftinyourday. I will link back to the original site[alittlecraftinyourday]. I’m waiting your comment. Thanks for this insprations and have a great year!
    Amanda Jane

  3. WOW! Did you come up with these ideas on your own? I especially LOVE the giant pillows and the cupcake liner center piece! Those will look so Adorable in my daghters room!

    Thank You So Much!!

    • Hi Gianna! So glad you found inspiration in this post! This is a round up post, meaning we did not create the projects, but found them on the internet and put them all in one convenient place for our viewers!

  4. love everything but some projects i really liked didn’t have any any instuctions like the light garland so that was sad.

  5. i loved the trash can night stand picture. i love the design and color of the thrash can. i would totally do that if i could find the right trash can to do it with

  6. Oh my goodness! These are some amazing ideas! I am about to completely redo my bedroom (new carpets and everything) and I have definitely got some inspiration now! Love those honeycomb walls!!

  7. Marlaina

    Hi! I’m 12 going on 13 and i love these ideas so much! I’m going to try the hexagon wall treatment, the push pin art, the string art, and the monogram canvases. Love your site!!(:

  8. quiltdiva

    The website you have on offer has virus and malware.. just thought your would like to know.

  9. I love all of these diy ideas an will be using as many in my daughters room – she is 11 an wants a teen room- problem is we live in a single wide trailer- her room is extremely small- I have no idea what to do to make it cool looking an give the wow effect – trying to figure out what colors to paint it so it doesn’t look smaller but give the effect of bigger- walls are Sheetrocked thankfully- she has very small closet an one very wide window– if u or anyone has an ideas or pictures it would be greatly appreciated by both of us–!!! Thank u, Brenda in VT

  10. Super cool ideas BTW just turned thirteen three weeks ago tots excited and wanna change up my room got any ideas for a calm cool and mostly turquoise and white room with lots of open natural light?

    • Glad you enjoyed this post! Maybe try doing some Paint Chip room decor? Their is so many different things you could try, look around our site and I know you’ll find a few 🙂


  11. hey…I luv all yer ideas!!! ther awesome!!!if I had the rite stuff id get down to work and try to get them all done………..I am 12 goin on 13 so its an awesome summer craft!!!

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying our site! We hope you stick around. You’ll love working with dye, you should be able to find some at your local Wal-mart of Target! Have a great summer!

  12. hi Courtney first of all I love all those ideas Genius!! now do you have anything for small sized rooms? I’m looking to redo my room now that I’m 13

  13. hi courtney i love your ideas and i love DIY projects so could you give me the link to a website that you like that has DIY fashion ideas?

  14. Love everything I’m 11 and I’m tired of my room so I wanted to jazz it up thanks for the cool ideas

  15. Wow! Those are plentiful of brilliant and creative ideas, I can’t help myself not be amazed. All these DIY room decorations and furniture’s really inspire me. I’m pretty sure that this is definitely a hit for all the teenage girls out there. Among these lovely examples, that trash can night stand truly captivated my heart.

    • Isn’t that a fun one? If you can’t find a tall enough trash can for it, you can always stack 2 on top of one another too! 5 below carries good ones for this!

  16. Hi! I was wondering if you have a step-by-step for the chandalier? I love love love the look of it and am interested in it! Thanks so much!

  17. Brooklyn

    Thank you so much for your great ideas! They were very helpful! Do you think you could do a full room idea design? You are so talented, I would really like to see! Thank you so much for you help!

  18. Alejandra Soto

    I love ur ideas!!!!!!!! Its like ur a artists!!!!! U should become 1 and be in the front of magizines!!!!!

  19. I absolutely love these ideas! On the “DIY Ombre Walls”, do you mind to post on how to make the fruffy balls hanging from the ceiling? I really want to add them to my room. Thanks!

  20. Hi! Do you think that maybe you could do something where you actually teach us how to do something? Other than that, this is an amazing website! Great Job!

  21. Hollywood Mermaid

    YOu have some great ideas on here ! I can’t wait to try them out ! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !

  22. Shraddha

    It’s really a great work which everyone can do in their summer vacations and enjoy.

  23. Letang Lekgatho

    wow i have really liked your creativity looking forward to learn from you dear
    keep it up!!!!!

  24. Isabella Kiely

    I love these ideas! They are perfect for what I’m trying to accomplish here, re-decorate my bedroom inexpensively for the summer. Thank you so much for these great diy bedroom decor!!

  25. Aqsa Ahsan

    Hi Courtney,
    how you doin?
    I hope you are fine.I love to see your crafts and appreciate a lot for such a good work
    I am talking to you like my friend..
    These ideas really help me in my room decor as i have recently shifted my house so thanks for you crafts..

    Aqsa Ahsan

  26. I love every ideas you have shared over here. The style and design were so perfect and very inspiring. I am so happy I stumbled on your blog because you inspire me a lot. I can apply ideas I learned on my next  home decorating ideas project. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

  27. Wonderful post! I love the ideas of personalizing the bedroom. The design was very creative and unique. I should try to be creative by customizing my stuffs in my bedroom without spending much money. Hoping for more great post!


  28. Shilfani Aisyah R

    Wow, it’s the greatest idea! I have trying your idea twice, and it’s AMAZING! Thanks abaut your idea, I very love it

  29. WOW! The ideas are wonderful. The design are very creative. I would like to try in my bedroom. Is there any video tutorial available from where I can learn?

  30. Great read! I spent minutes reading your blog and I’m quite amazed of your ideas, I hope you could share us a video tutorial for beginners, my apartment really needs this tips but don’t know how to start.

  31. Hi Courtney! I really love your crafts!
    As most of the people here I am NOT a teenager but found this when I searched up “How to make your room nice.”
    I am glad I found this I really like the Heart shape room banner hanger thing!
    Nikki J Maxwell.

  32. roomina

    Hi guys! Decorating ideas are so good and creative I want to have a good room but I can’t because I live in Iran and when we want to find something it’s too hard but every year I go abroad and I buy new thing in abroad but iranian things are so good but it’s hard to find iranian things. Courtney you are a creative girl. Sorry for my writing because my isn’t very good.

  33. I like the ideas of our and I will definitely make the LOVE BOoK Ends and also post a pic of it. Thanks for an idea. U R LOVELY TOO

  34. Love these ideas!!! Bit.. the only problem is…I’m in a room with ny sister that HATES changing up our room!!! I’m up on animal bed. Any suggestions for decor up in my bed???

  35. Hi Courtney! My name is Lily and I’m 14 years old. I have a pretty cluttered bedroom and I wanted to re-decorate it with low-cost ideas. If you have anything that could help me or any tips, please tell me.
    By the way, I love your ideas and I hope you continue spreading your creativity and great ideas 🙂

  36. Ashley Roberts

    Hi! I’m only 11, but we are moving in like two weeks, and I really want to know what to put in my room. This has been a great inspiration for me, and I really like this site!! Could you post something that I could do with just really easy to get stuff that is probably lying around my house right now? I need to know what to pack!! I love DIYing, and keep up the awesome ideas!!

    • Hey Ashley! That is super exciting! Try searching recycled crafts on our site for some ideas. Also, remember that you can paint or spray paint pretty much anything to make it match your color scheme. Hope that helps a little!

  37. I just LOVED all the girly decoration ideas you had. Got me very inspired to get my inspiration juice flow again. I wish I could have these tips when I was your age 🙂

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