18 Dorm Decor ideas

  Today I am sharing 18 Dorm Decor ideas just for you teens heading off to college, I know it’s a stressful time. I have had many friends head off to college and many of them have asked for dorm decor help, so I thought if a few of my friends needed help a lot of others would too! I have put together 18 ideas for your dorm! Who knows, maybe when I head off to college I will use these too! There is a mix of organization,  DIY, tips, and tricks! I hope you enjoy :) 1. DIY Small Ironing Table 5d8bbe71209ced4a62404f784b470573 2. Friend/Family picture wall (Great to have to document happy times and deal with homesickness! ) 6b672bf7f736cce094298d8db0e79518 3. Display it Storage Mirror!  7c92b1335727550fda847221ae467064 4. DIY Nightstand  Perfect for small space, Above the bed. 8ff74f23411a7ff164f58b69e0b8fa39 5. DIY painting with color swatches (cool idea for a dorm room or college housing that you can’t paint) 9e3dcbad90531cbdfb1e4282e23b9b11 6. Chalkboard planner 9e59b53abd9220ae38cb6ecb71482bcf 7. Cork board containers  09f071f24eaba112e6e007e8c39ed8be 8. Strip cork organizer, Using bread clips  62af9137fc9385747a2cb2ebcd7ee8ad 9. DIY string art  076a3230d64ee45861d651362e3ac484 10. Crate Seats  98c619a19fd7d53d33e691f66d78b1d4 11. Weekly calendar  188cc07d7144266b187cd9bbf373c16d 12. Canvas Art  676d524056bb8324d436e947b3a5af09
13. Laundry basket dresser so that it uses less floor space in your college dorm room.



14. DIY Flower Lights 



15. End of bed storage 



16. Dorm idea 



17. Dorm Rooms & Decor — organization, organization, organization!



18. DIY ruffled pillow 


I hope you enjoyed these 18 Dorm decor ideas, If you have anymore please leave them in the comments! Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook and Subscribe via email.


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  1. Jacs


    Lots of fab ideas here. What would you use to fix the DIY swatches to the wall that wouldn’t leave any marks?

    • Courtney Chambers

      I would use a small amount of removable adhesive that you can pick at the craft store.

  2. Meagan

    Great ideas! I’m past the college stage of my life but I really like some of the ideas you have here and may use a few to help organize the bedroom and craft rooms in my apartment. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Katrin Herd

    These ideas are great! Can you do one for boy’s dorms?!!!

  4. Ally

    I love some of the ideas you have posted. I found you on Pinterest, and have been looking through your ideas for about an hour! I was wondering if you had anything for tweens like the dorm decorations above… ? I would LOVE that!

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