Kid Friendly Summer Crafts

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Are you in need of some simple but fun activities for you kids to do this summer? I am excited to share with you these 10 Kid Friendly Summer Crafts that I know I would have LOVED and maybe still wanna try! Most of these crafts can be done with materials you already own, so next time your here, “Mom, I’m bored!” you will have a solution, although “clean your room then” is always a suitable answer as well!

1. Sock Bubbles @ Housing a Forest 


2. Make your own kite @ Better Homes and Gardens 


3. Button Rings @ Examiner 


4. Water Marbles @ Chem Spider


5. Salt Art @ No Time For Flash Cards 


6. Window Clings @ Craft Ideas


7. Bug Rocks @


8. Felt Flower Necklace @ Kaboose 


9. Pool Noodle Race Track @ Ramblings from Utopia 


10. Paper Bowl Jelly Fish @ Ribbons 



Don’t you think you kids would have so much fun doing any one of these Kid Friendly Summer Crafts? I know they would! Why not let them pick a few to try!

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