12 DIY Dog Beds

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Hey everyone! Today’s Round up post is all about DOG beds and some great DIY for your Furry friends! 🙂 I have 10 dogs, if you didn’t know and we love them to DEATH! We have 9 Yorkies and 1 Rescue 🙂 I hope you enjoy todays post. Some of these link to actual Items you can buy– BUT, I think if you are a handy man you can do it as a DIY and save you TONS of $$$ to buy more craft supplies with! Hehe. Enjoy!

PS- Are you looking for some simple dog beds to DIY? Amazon has them and they’re a great price!

1. Dog Night Stand 



2. Crib Mattress turned Dog Bed 



3. Outdoor Bed with Canopy 



4. Dog Bed from End Table 



5. Old Fashion TV turned Dog Bed 



6. End table turned Dog Bed 



7. Suit Case Turned Dog Bed 



8. Another Old TV turned Dog Bed 

MORE INSPIRATION >>>  DIY Stenciled Wall Art



9. Murphy Dog Bed 



10. Great Dog Bed with Storage Above



11. Wine Dog bed/ Toy box 



12. Pallet Dog Bed 


I Hope you enjoyed! If you decide to make any of these please share with us! You can use the #Alittlecraftinyourday on Instagram and Twitter, We would love to see. I’m sure we would love to share!

Have a great day!


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Hey! I am Tanner Bell. I am 17 years old, and have been producing crafting videos since March of 2010. I'm a Spokesperson for DecoArt and love be able to share fun DIYs with their products. I have so much fun inspiring millennial's to create and hope you enjoy our site.

9 Comments to 12 DIY Dog Beds

  1. Ellie mai lauchlan

    this dog beds are so mazeballs and so brill. Some I don’t like and loads I love but I hate the one were he turns the TV into the dog bed I love his crown I wove yellow and blue the dog could electric sting him self and you might see his bones! My little sis said that its nice and so much colurs lol !!!!!! Goodbye darlings and have a GOOD 2015 by the way I did not post this one new year I posed it on 7.2.2015 bye bye

  2. i love all the doggy beds , but how can i get my dog to sleep on one …. instead of hogging mine : ) .

    • Since your dog is clearly crazy about you – (or wouldn’t be there to begin with) – your chances are probably nil . You could try putting an old shirt or pair of jeans into or on to the dog bedding and hope the precious pooch gets the idea. But I’d rather do snugglebunny burgers with a human I loved than with his/her wardrobe.

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